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All About Balance...

COM SAIGON honours the authentic Vietnamese Cuisine, and pursues its values with no variations nor 're-interpretations' unless some ingredients cannot be found in our latitudes. Vietnamese food constitutes a cuisine in its own right, being influenced by the ancient wisdom of the Yin and Yang principles. It's all about balance; in each dish, cooks must find the 'cold' counterpart of each 'warm' ingredient (and vice versa). To this extent, COM SAIGON established a collaboration with the Chef Association of Ho Chi Minh city, the old Saigon.

Phõ, the vietnamese traditional dish!


The history of Phõ began in the North of Vietnam. This simple staple, consisting of a meat broth, actually requires a complex combination of over 20 ingredients, including greens and spices; infusion time and proportions play a crucial role. Next come the rice noodles and beef slices, along with some fresh vegetables as bean sprouts, onions and basil.

The Spring Rolls, a tradition from the South

Spring rolls are even more famous than the Phõ. Available in many flavors and textures, spring rolls represent the simplest vietnamese dish, popular in every vietnamese family, both in the countryside and in the big cities. Introduced in the South, rolls can be raw or cooked; either way, they consist of rolled up rice papers, stuffed with vegetables, meat or fish, often both.

Banh Cuon, a tradition from the North


Born in the North, Banh Cuon are another staple of Vietnam. Similar to steamed crêpes, Banh Cuon are thin and soft sheets of steamed rice dough, filled with a handful of mushrooms and minced pork. Their delicate flavor nicely pairs with soy sauce or fish sauce, which univocally identifies the vietnamese culinary tradition throughout Asia. Zest is comparable to our anchovy sauce.

Banh Xeo, the crêpe from the far South

Banh Xeo, another typical dish, originated in the Mekong Delta area, in the far South. Being a very long country, Vietnam combines the southern tropical climate with the northern seasons; recipes vary according to latitudes and local history. Banh Xeo is a pancake made with rice flour, coconut milk and turmeric. The pancake is folded in two, filled with fish, meat and bean sprouts. Usually paired with vegetables and spicy sauces.


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